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Galveston, TX
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 Air Temperature   Water Temperature   Wind Direction @ Speed   Wind Gust Speed   Barometer   Barometer Trend   Wave Height   Visibillity 

73.9°F - Wind from NNWNNW@35.8 mph - 29.98inHg +0.02inHg - -

65.5°F 73.4°F Wind from NN@24.2 mph 32.2mph 30.17inHg +0.09inHg - -

-°F 78.4°F Wind from ENEENE@29.1 mph 33.6mph 30.05inHg - - -

-°F - Wind from NN@29.1 mph 35.8mph 30.02inHg - - -

70.2°F 77.9°F Wind from NN@31.3 mph 35.8mph 30.08inHg +0.08inHg 9ft -

78.8°F 80.2°F Wind from WSWWSW@8.9 mph 11.2mph 30.00inHg +0.02inHg 3ft -

77.9°F 81.3°F Wind from WNWWNW@15.7 mph 20.1mph 29.97inHg - - -

58.5°F - Wind from NN@18.3 mph 24.2mph 30.15inHg +0.10inHg - -

No recent reports.  at 12:30 am: Air:. 73.9°F, Wind: NNW@35.8mph, Baro: 29.98inHg (+0.02), No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. Port Aransas, TX at 12:00 am: Air:. 65.5°F, Water: 73.4°F, Wind: N@24.2mph, Gust: 32.2mph, Baro: 30.17inHg (+0.09), No recent reports. No recent reports.  at 11:00 pm: Water: 78.4°F, Wind: ENE@29.1mph, Gust: 33.6mph, Baro: 30.05inHg,  at 11:00 pm: Wind: N@29.1mph, Gust: 35.8mph, Baro: 30.02inHg, No recent reports. No recent reports. Freeport, TX at 11:50 pm: Air:. 70.2°F, Water: 77.9°F, Wind: N@31.3mph, Gust: 35.8mph, Baro: 30.08inHg (+0.08), Waves:  9ft W GULF at 11:50 pm: Air:. 78.8°F, Water: 80.2°F, Wind: WSW@8.9mph, Gust: 11.2mph, Baro: 30.00inHg (+0.02), Waves:  3ft MID GULF at 12:30 am: Air:. 77.9°F, Water: 81.3°F, Wind: WNW@15.7mph, Gust: 20.1mph, Baro: 29.97inHg, Sabine, TX at 12:00 am: Air:. 58.5°F, Wind: N@18.3mph, Gust: 24.2mph, Baro: 30.15inHg (+0.10),

ID Name Time CST Air °F Water °F Wind mph Gust mph Baro inHg Trend inHg Waves ft
42362No recent reports.
42361 12:30 am 73.9 - NNW Wind from NNW 35.8 - 29.98 +0.02 -
PCNT2No recent reports.
PTIT2No recent reports.
MQTT2No recent reports.
FPTT2No recent reports.
CAPL1No recent reports.
FGBL1No recent reports.
42038North Mid Gulf of MexicoNo recent reports.
RSJT2No recent reports.
BABT2No recent reports.
RTOT2No recent reports.
SBPT2No recent reports.
PTAT2 Port Aransas, TX 12:00 am 65.5 73.4 N Wind from N 24.2 32.2 30.17 +0.09 -
42044No recent reports.
42043No recent reports.
42045 11:00 pm - 78.4 ENE Wind from ENE 29.1 33.6 30.05 - -
42047 11:00 pm - - N Wind from N 29.1 35.8 30.02 - -
42046No recent reports.
42020Corpus Christi, TXNo recent reports.
42019 Freeport, TX 11:50 pm 70.2 77.9 N Wind from N 31.3 35.8 30.08 +0.08 9
42002 W GULF 11:50 pm 78.8 80.2 WSW Wind from WSW 8.9 11.2 30.00 +0.02 3
42001 MID GULF 12:30 am 77.9 81.3 WNW Wind from WNW 15.7 20.1 29.97 - -
SRST2 Sabine, TX 12:00 am 58.5 - N Wind from N 18.3 24.2 30.15 +0.10 -

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